Benelli TNT 125: Small Bomb

Scooters, scooters almost always exist. Without further development, Soriano in Spain achieved some success in the 1940s, and it was not the first time. In the 70s, Honda Dax, Suzuki Van Van or Mini Marcelino were also popular.

A few years later, Honda almost disappeared, and Honda revived this market segment with its MSX. And brands like Benelli are followed closely by bicycles like TnT 125: 125 with 12″ wheels, with a certain hint of “street fighter”, with real 125 performance, but easier to manage and agile.

Benelli TNT 125: Exactly

For many years, this type of vehicle has been called mini-motorcycle, scooter, auxiliary or folding motorcycle. Today, the term “registrable off-road vehicle” is often used to refer to those off-road bikes of the same size that were all the rage a few years ago. However, although cross-country bikes are only focused on recreational use, they are real means of transportation and are very useful in cities or crowded places.

A 125cc and 4T engine is the same type you see in 125 basic large engines, but because they are lighter and smaller, they have greater potential.

Benelli TNT 125: Engine

For the Benelli Mini Tornado, a four-stroke single-cylinder engine is used, with air cooling, but with a four-valve cylinder head that moves through a single camshaft. This is the latest generation engine, which means that electronic injection and, of course, Euro 4 approved.

With a cubic volume of 124.8 cc, it can output 11.1CV at 9,500 rpm and 10Nm of torque at 7,000 rpm. The total dry weight of its five-speed gearbox is 116 kg, which makes it truly outstanding.

Benelli TNT 125: loop part

Don’t be fooled by the little Tornado Naked T. It has 12-inch wheels that make it look like a cross-country bike and is very compact overall, but its entire riding part is at a good level: inverted fork, adjustable pre-installed central single shock, two brakes Plate and a spectacular multi-tube chassis, copied from the large Benelli.

In addition, the height of the seat from the ground is 780mm, so it is not much lower than the standard basic seat 125, which is long enough for two people.

Benelli TNT 125: Equipment

Obviously, we can’t expect great equipment “accessories” on such a motorcycle, but its high standard and most importantly, it has elements that make it more comfortable and interesting, which is surprising. The exhaust is parallel on both sides, the taillights are equipped with integrated lights on both sides, and the low license plate bracket is supported by the rear axle, giving it a aggressive appearance. It is equipped with LED lights on the pilot’s body, as well as a spectacular four-head headlight and a complete frame, with a digital part and an analog lap counter.

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