Do you want to be a member of the 2015 Dakar Suzuki Rally Team?

The Suzuki Rally Team, a professional team participating in the famous Dakar Rally, showed the 2015 challenge to the Suzuki Rally Dakar to amateur riders who wish to participate in the famous Rally. In addition, the top three of the team will be able to win a prize of up to 9,000 euros.

Until July 30 next year, those who want to drive the Suzuki RMX 450 R in the next version of Dakar can register on the Suzuki Rally Team website. In addition, they can do this in two different ways: using a fleet of motorcycles or private motorcycles.

You can choose to participate in the Suzuki Rally Motorcycle. The advantage is that it includes the Suzuki RMX 450 kit, which includes a front fork with LED headlights, a specific air filter box, and ultra-thin carbon fiber/Kevlar oil pan protection Device or seat with cover. Leather and other details.

The remaining features common to options with or without motorcycles are as follows.

-Use spare parts.
-Daily mechanical assistance in the paddock.
-Transport pilot’s luggage.
-Food and drinks in the paddock.
-Lubricants and oils.
-Team manager (verification, introduction, departure time, route map).
-Transport the motorcycle to the start of the assembly.
-A space in the paddock for private photo calls with riders.

The total cost of the option with a motorcycle is 24,800 euros, while the total cost of the option without a motorcycle is 14,800 euros. In both cases, the Suzuki Rally Racing Team can choose to manage logistics (tyres, hotel, gasoline €).

After registration, the rally organization itself will verify it and certify the drivers who will eventually be able to participate in the race. If this is the case, the drivers of the Suzuki Rally Racing Team will compete for the Dakar Prize and the “Challenge Suzuki Rally Team” prize, the latter will allocate 9,000, 6,000 and 3,000 euros to the top three teams (provided they participate at least) 20 Pilots).
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