Honda CB 125 R test: freshly brewed coffee

Honda updated its style in the nude category. It did not choose a new retro style like other Japanese brands, but they conceived a model called Neo SportCafé, starting with the CB 125 R, it merged many origins.

Honda usually does things its own way. In the past few years, they have shown that motorcycles similar to competitors rarely directly participate in the sales battle, and they prefer to develop new concepts. Thankfully, this treatment makes the bike as primitive and successful as the African twin, X-ADV or CB 500. In this regard, it has now become a new bare metal series.

We are referring to the new CB-R. It consists of three models: 125, 300 and 1000, forming a series called Neo Sports Café. Almost everything can be said with these three words: this is a new concept of sports shoes, they have a certain retro style, reminiscent of “coffee racer.” But strictly speaking, they are not retro bicycles. not much.

The Honda CB 125 R is the smallest in this new series. It is defined as a single cylinder that is currently mechanically derived in CBR 125, and it attracts people’s attention through some really well drawn lines. In addition, this is the difference of 125 cc, which stands out from the previous “one-eighth liter” designed by the brand. There are two schools designing 125 motorcycles. On the one hand, brands like Yamaha prefer the size and appearance of large motorcycles, because they are very similar to large-displacement motorcycles, so they are very attractive: on the other hand, such as KTM or Suzuki, by minimizing The power and weight ratio minimizes weight and size, thus obtaining a supporter of higher cutting-edge performance. Honda has always been one of the best examples of the second style.

For example, CBR 125 R is an example of this. Especially the former is small in size and light in weight. With narrow front forks and wheels, and commensurately sized components, its appearance is not as good as the competition. But faster, more agile, and more fun.

The new CB also created a new style in this sense without sacrificing the lightness of “one-eighth liter”. Therefore, in the order of operation, the weight of the motorcycle is just over 120 kg, but this time we don’t want to reduce the weight to the extreme. Therefore, the wheels, forks, chassis and other components look stronger and larger in size than before. In this way, an attempt was also made to make the motorcycle enter through the eyes through the naked appearance of real movement. It is larger than the first-generation CBR or CB 125 F (its basic sister), but it is still not as bulky as other competitors, so the two-valve engine it uses does not need to reach 15 horsepower to reach a high level. The performance level is the best among similar products. In addition, almost no competitors can provide a smooth journey.

The chassis is made of steel, but they manage to make it fit the eyes and lightweight, so there is no need to use an expensive aluminum chassis. The same is true for the rocker arm, which is also made of steel but looks very good. On the other hand, it brings surprises to the solution, such as the use of IMU inertial platforms, which we usually see in large and expensive motorcycles, and are used to report the exact motorcycle’s accuracy to components such as traction control Position, anti-roller or ABS can interfere with the curve. In this case, it can be used to improve the response of two-channel ABS, which is its first. Another interesting detail: the lighting consists entirely of LEDs. In the suspension, it has a 41mm inverted fork at the front to give it a sporty appearance, while the rear has a central single shock with adjustable spring preload. Both components are moderately adjusted, which can not only obtain sufficient comfort, but also maintain a good sense of hand and balance in sports driving. Typical measurements for 17-inch wheels are currently 125cc and rear wheels are 150.

The brake is at the required height. It uses a 296mm wave-shaped disc in the front, and is equipped with a small but effective Nissin radially mounted four-piston caliper. The rear disc is the same type, with two piston calipers, and there is no combination brake, but the ABS system is selected, in this case, the system has additional information of the inertial platform to improve the efficiency of its inertial platform . intervention. . Luxury.

The engine is derived from the engine used by the CBR 125 R. Very easy to use, it is not the most powerful engine in its class (Honda never hoped to reach the limit of 15 hp), and this proves its continued development to install two cylinder heads. The valve is simpler than an ordinary four-valve sports bike. But the fact is that the engine is eye-catching for its smoothness and good responsiveness.

Honda CB 125 R: Running

It must be because the engine is well known, or because you deeply know it is Honda, the fact is that you expect the motorcycle to be not big or bulky, but contained in it, so it has smoothness, good performance and perfection performance. Size and weight, easy to manage and agile. as usual. This is how the CB 125 R was found.

In the city

The initial equipment is ideal for performances in the city. It allows you to adjust to the desired speed, and you can also change the speed without rushing, enjoying good torque and engine stability. This is a very good bike, not big, narrow and agile enough to travel comfortably between two cars. It is not as small and flexible as its sister CB 125 F, it is specially designed for this. But the overall feeling, the feeling of the engine, brakes, suspension and other parts is much higher than that of the basic CB.


The top speed is 116 km/h, which is among the top 125 in the top speed, and the acceleration is also at the top of the list.

Honda CB 125 R: This is what we think

It is a multifunctional model that can work equally well in daily life, in this case, the agility of a few hundred milliliters and 125 cc will be higher (only some light and basic “boring”), or You want to have fun on the winding road, with good bass, but a bit lazy on the lap. It has sufficient chassis and cycle components, exceeding 13 hp and reaching a maximum of 15 hp. Nevertheless, it still has an advantage in the performance of the best-in-class 125 cc engine. Their reason will be Honda engineers: the four-valve cylinder head is heavier? Is the response low? But the most relevant data is consumption, which is only 2.79 l./100 km, which is equivalent to a range of 362 km. The changes also have perfect staging. Number six is ​​a bit long. Flatten it hard to see it at the top of the turn. Once the wind direction is favorable or there is some kind of decline, it does show that it will be very fast. The passenger seat is more reasonable, the seat and footrest are somewhat high. For the pilot, it is very comfortable whether it is in the driving position or on the seat and controls.

On the equipment, it can be improved by details, such as the central stand (difficult, with exhaust devices, but can), or the use of TFT screens in its frame, because some of its famous competitors carry it with them, but “full LED “The platform inertia IMU of the lighting or ABS system should also be given maximum consideration. On the highway, it is one of the best 125 cc on the market. Because it can keep the cruising speed above 100 km/h, it is already worthy of high marks in this regard.
Take passengers

It is not the best side, but it is delivered like a traditional super sport. A generous pair means companionship does not mean hindering their dynamic qualities.

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