Offroad Bicycle Rider

Reviewing Android Game Offroad Bicycle Rider Freestyle Bicycle Racing Game released by Zoy Studios

Zoy Studios is a rising game development company striving hard to make their place in the gaming industry, in the February 2020 they have release Offroad Bicycle Rider on their Playstore account and soon they will launch it for Apple users. Upon reviewing the game I personally enjoyed it because of riding a bicycle on offroad especially when it comes to mountain and hilly areas.

The Game Environment

I never ride a bicycle on offroads or mountains it is very scary to me and for many people out there it would be adventurous and thrilling, but while playing their bicycle riding game I love it by the 3D terrain they have designed, showing a perfect view of hilly but green mountains slides, steeps and the bare rocks with palm trees just give you feel of a very realistic environment. Riding on the top of the hill you need a lot of energy and they have already put energy status/ bar in the game to let you know how much energy you are using. This was something new for me is not a pro gamer.

Offroad Bicycle Rider

About the Gameplay of Bicycle Rider

After downloading the game I thought it would be a game that would have not better quality graphics and very bad controls but I was shocked when I started playing the game I never knew that bicycle riding controls can be much smoother as I played on my 3Gb ram Samsung tablet. The UI/UX was really very impressive with good quality resolutions and everything was placed very well and I must say the UI is very user-friendly. If I talked about levels there were 4 gameplay modes

Free Mode
Challenging Mode
Time Trial Mode
Multiplayer Mode
I played all the first three modes but multiplayer was locked and they mentioned Coming Soon, so I hope they release the multiplayer very soon.
Free mode is not challenging mode you can only roam freely but their time trail and challenging mode is really very interesting when it comes to play a game like Offroad Bicycle Rider, If you ever got a chance to play cycle riding games you must try this one.

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