The good news for the Pubg players is that Pubg season 12 is here now and going live soon. Regarding this, season 11 is now coming to close one week before the new launch. The best part is that players can now have an extra week to complete their Pubg mobile battle pass. The latest update of Pubg season 12 brings lots of exciting features. It includes new shotguns, colourblind modes, death replays, amusement parks and many more!

Players can now get rewards and multiple weapons in the new season. Here you will get to know what new features in Pubg season 12 strikes in the gaming world.

What new features in Pubg season 12 – Top 5 highlights?

1.      Death Replay:

Pubg season 12 is here live now, and one of the exciting features is death replay. However, this feature is only available for only Pc users. With its latest update, the death replay feature is soon added in the mobile version as well. With these features, the players can get the exact idea of why they died in the game.

Pubg Season 12

2.      New refined skins:

New skins will be presented in the Pubg Mobile 0.17.0 most recent update. There will be new skins, including automated outfit skin, TV man skin, and joker skin. A catgirl skin will likewise be included the game which can be found in the trailer of Royale Pass Season 12.


3.      Battle Pass rewards:

In the wake of unlocking the Royale Pass, players will get astonishing skin for their QBZ ambush rifle. The last honor of the Pubg mobile Royale Pass Season 12 will be an automated outfit skin. The subject for both the things will be the second unique feature, and the number 12 will be secured with neon lights.

4.      New weapons along with skins:

A fresh new barrel shotgun named DBS will make players debut in the game. The gun will most appropriate for close battles. New weapon skins included in each period of PUBG. Season 12 will likewise accompany the most recent themed weapon skins.

5.      Strategic Markers:

The PUBG new version comprises of just a single marker on the guide. The recent Pubg Mobile 0.17.0 will accompany eight distinct kinds of markers. The markers will be utilized for different purposes in the game like a spot for an assault, positions and foes.

6.      Amusement Parks:

Three outstanding Amusement Parks are being added to into the exemplary mode f new season. In this mode, old school carnivals will show up arbitrarily in three areas on the Classic map. Interactive Arcade Machines will set in congregations and significant towns. These machines can be actuated with Tokens. Latest gaming attractions include Hunt Game, Space War, Shooting Range, Trampoline, What’s in the Box, and Reverse Bungee.

Pubg mobile Royale pass details:

In the new Royale Pass, players can now praise the second anniversary of PUBG with Royale Pass reward updates. The theme reflects the unique features of Pubg mobile game. Now don’t pass up a significant opportunity! There has likewise been an Improved Purchase and Upgrade interface show and included help for Exclusive Vouchers. Players who haven’t buy a Royale Pass in the previous three seasons. Players who enlisted from season 10 yet haven’t purchased a Royale Pass before will get extra advantages when they buy this season. Furthermore, YouTubers have been sharing what is in the latest offer.